Our mission is to empower people to realize their potential with confidence and influence. 

At Leadership Harbor we help people develop the skills to be more relational and influential in their personal, business, and faith lives.  We offer individual, group, and business coaching, mastermind groups (in-depth book study with hands-on application), and workshops.  We help you train in a safe environment - the harbor - on your way to becoming all you were meant to be.  Dream big, and let's start moving forward!

The Coaches

Kris Peterson

Kris is a Leadership, Parenting, Family & Youth Coach and an Executive Director with The John Maxwell Team.  As a coach, she believes in empowering people to realize their potential with confidence and influence. Kris began her coaching career 14+ years ago as a church coach, helping congregations to develop their ministries and missions.  In the process she realized she needed a better way to teach people how to be leaders.  Since then, she has used her training in The John Maxwell Team to help people lead themselves and others more intentionally and discover true significance in their personal and professional lives.

As a JMT Executive Director learn even more about what Kris can offer.



Brian is a Leadership Coach, Trainer, Speaker and DISC Consultant with The John Maxwell Team.  He has spent his life with a drive to become the person that God meant him to become - as an individual, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Leader at ContiTech Power Transmission Group, and lay pastor.  As an engineer, he has had to learn people are more important than tasks.  This focus has produced significantly greater challenges, and with it, greater rewards.  Everyone wants to be happy, fulfilled, successful, and/or accomplished, but "stuff" gets in the way.  Brian wants to empower people to see past the "stuff" and unlock their potential.



Chris is a Leadership, and Parenting & Family, Coach, Trainer and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team.  He has worked in a variety of ministry & non-profit settings; youth, young adults and new worshiping communities, over the past 20 years.  His passion in all of these areas is helping people.  Chris hopes to empower people to use their God-given gifts to intentionally live their life.  Over the years he has benefited from many mentors and coaches, each helping spur him on to becoming the best version of himself possible.  As part of the Leadership Harbor Team, Chris looks forward to helping more people reach their potential. 



Cameron is a Budget/Debt Reduction trainer for Leadership Harbor.  He has taken a personal interest in financials with training and knowledge applied from his love of numbers and courses taken and taught through Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University.  Cameron is a high school math teacher in The Lincoln Public Schools.  As part of the Leadership Harbor Team, Cameron wants to help individuals, couples and families better their lives through financial organization and understanding. 



Dax is a Youth Facilitator with The John Maxwell Team.  As a Speaker and Trainer in our Youth Lane, his WHY is to speak life into other kids.  He is driven to empower others to know that their moments matter and that they have what it takes to be great. 

As a student and six time martial arts World Champion, he has grown a platform to inspire and encourage everyone who meets him.  As a Young Leader he is finding ways to engage every moment to start a world-changing movement in all of us.  Dax is excited to bring his passion, energy and new training to the table to add value to youth and those adults quietly listening from the back of the room.



Jody is a Mother and Grandmother. 

She became a widow a number of years ago and being debt free allowed her to focus on raising her children.  

Jody was a multi-level-marketer for 16 years.  During that time she learned a lot about business finance and how to grow as a leader. 

78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.  Life happens and decisions have to be made.  Having financial peace and taking control of your finances is why Jody became a Certified Financial Coach.  She looks forward to helping you find that peace today!



David is a Leadership and Pain Coach with The John Maxwell Team.  He specializes in connecting people and growing influence.  His experience as an ordained chaplain and veteran, degrees in Drug & Alcohol Counseling, Addiction Studies and a Masters in Human Relations uniquely position him to work with people from all walks of life. 

With an ever-present smile on his face and positive outlook, David's upbeat personality and passion for helping others to grow is contagious.  His passion for life is to help others work through their physical and emotional pain to grow and become the best versions of themselves.


Zac is an Accessibility, Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (“AJEDI”) Trainer, Coach, and Speaker.  Zac is devoted to advancing a vision of a just world in which everyone has the resources needed to thrive, and all persons belong and are valued as they are. To make this vision a reality, Zac partners with individuals, organizations and communities on a journey to live into their potential as just and inclusive entities.  Zac’s inspiration for this journey is his three daughters, spouse, and extended family with whom he has seen the world through diverse eyes.  In training from Cornell University and the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, and experience as an ordained pastor serving in the hospital and parish, leader in human rights and justice advocacy organizations, and facilitator in cultural evolution on communal, regional, national, and international levels, Zac has experienced the benefit of just and inclusive cultures firsthand and is excited to experience it with you.  Zac can’t wait to partner with you in the creation and preservation of a just and inclusive culture so you can experience your full potential as well.