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Suicide & Bullying Prevention

Annual Board Break-a-Thon

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Three Easy Steps to Participate: 


1) A GTMA School signs up to host a Board Break-a-thon at their school. 


2) Students register to get sponsors & break boards. 

3) Invite everyone to come to your Break day. 

GTMA School Owner register your Board Break date/time here. 

Students Get Registered and start getting sponsors. 

Sponsor/Donate to a Participating Students, School or in General.

If you have any questions:

Participating Schools


Longoria's Tactical Martial Arts, Lincoln, NE

Your School Could be listed Here

What are you waiting for?  The Annual Board Break-a-thon is a fun way to engage your entire School in raising awareness for Suicide Prevention in your community.  Collectively participating GTMA schools will break boards and raise funds to bring resources and trainings to the communities those GTMA schools are located.  

The GTMA School that raises the most during the Board Break-a-thon will get first dibs on scheduling a live, in-person training for their school/community. 

The Training Team at Leadership Harbor Foundation will work with the participating schools to use the funds raised to put resources in your school and greater community.  As funding and scheduling allows LHF will provided virtual and/or in-person trainings to equip your school. 

Social Share: Use #GTMABoardBreak 

Media Inquiries: Chris Hansen 

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Total raised by GTMA in 2022:


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