Crew Club Remix

We're looking for Amazing Youth in Grades 3-5!  

Sometimes kids feel like they are just too young and only one person, that what they do doesn't really matter.  When they realize how much they matter and what they do matters, as they get older they will be empowered to do and accomplish even more.  And that is how we Remix and change their world!

Remix offers a Summer Program (approximately 8 weeks) and a School Year Program (approximately 7 months).  Each featuring a theme or focus with weekly content, challenges, fun and more to help youth grades 3-5 live into the leaders they are today! 

Who Me?  Yes You! 

Youth are leaders today….and that is how we landed on our theme for this school year “Who Me? Yes You!” Our goal this year is to inspire and equip  young people to lead themselves and others with character, mutual respect and integrity.  

Who Me? Will help empower the youngest leaders among us to live into who they’re wired and designed to be. 

Remix Kit - shhh we want it to be a bit of a surprise, but every youth who signs up for Remix will be sent a Remix Kit with some great goodies to get us started on a fun Remix journey this year.  For starters every Remixer is getting a shirt right off the bat. We’ve got other surprises coming in the Kits too, but remember shhhh, we want them to be surprised when it shows up! 

grades 3-5 (Ages 8-11)

Through a private Facebook Group & Youtube Channel and The Leadership Harbor Site we'll deliver content & challenges for Remix Kids to learn from and participate in.  Parents, you can listen in and participate too! 

Remix Thursdays - 

Every Thursday new content will be released from Chris & Dax, and maybe some guest appearances from others.  Remixers can jump in and watch whenever, just know we’re committed to having a consistent day each week.

Remixers will also get something in their Remix Kit that we’re going to encourage them to wear each Thursday!   

Monthly Live - Once each month Chris & Dax will be Live via a private Zoom for all Remix Kids to hang out, ask some questions and learn a thing or two.  


Remix is a great opportunity for your kids, your young leaders, to have access to some fun, engaging and empowering experiences with Coach Chris, Dax and other amazing Leaders and Resources.  A way to identify and elevate their gifts as they lead today - in their schools, home and community. 

Parent Call - once each month Remix Parents & Guardian's can join Coach Chris for a time of questions, discussion and a preview of what's coming in Remix next month.  

Crew Club Remix for '21/22

What They (You) Get - 

• Weekly Content from Dax & Chris

• Monthly Live Zoom w/ Dax & Chris

• Monthly Parent Call w/ Chris

$44 per month (7 months) 

$273 one time (it’s like getting the 7th month free!)

Limited Scholarships are available for those who would be prohibited from participating in Remix.  Please Email Chris for details. 

Talk to for more information or if you have questions. 

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