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Chris Hansen is a Coach, Speaker & Trainer, and the Youth Impact Division Director at Leadership Harbor.  For over 23 years he has worked with youth, young adults and families in a variety of settings.  He helps people discover exactly what it is they're uniquely gifted at so they can live into their strengths, tap into their full potential and live a fulfilled life.  

Chris loves to spend time with his family (wife; Stephanie, kids; Caden & Cloe) at home or traveling whenever they can - especially if it involves Disney. 

His why: is to intentionally add value to others so they can experience their true God-given potential.  

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My Story

I was born, raised and still call Lincoln Nebraska home.  As as youth I was what you might call shy or introverted.  My parents actually took me to a therapist once.  He said the problem was with them not me.  At least that's how I remember it.  [joking aside, if you know me I believe we should all have a therapist, mentor and of course a leadership coach on our team]. I had a close group of friends and enjoyed spending time with them doing the things kids did in the 80's & 90's - like playing in our forts, riding bikes - they were actually fire trucks, don't ask, my friend (who is now a Fire Chief) loved them - exploring, collecting things and eventually learning to have patience aka dial-up internet.  

Later in my teen years I discovered two things I loved - summer camp and speaking.  Spending a number of summers at camp as a volunteer and eventually staff not only introduced me to some amazing friends, but some experiences that have shaped who I am today.  It's funny the 'shy kid' had opportunities at camp to break out of his comfort zone - speaking in small groups and around a campfire, which led to training and prepping others to do the same.  My love for helping others living into their full potential was probably born around a smoky fire in a place close to my heart. 

At that same camp I met my best friend who is now my wife, Stephanie.  A few years later we got married and lived happily ever after. 

My family is what grounds me and getting to raise our amazing kids with Steph is one of life's greatest adventures.
Getting to do the things I do - both personally and professionally is what drives me to continue setting goals and living into my potential. 

What I'm Doing: 

Always - Coaching clients young & and slightly older, to unlock their true potential. October - Global Youth Initiative (GYI), complimentary Youth Leadership Lessons across our community. Email Chris for more details

Monthly - Parenting On Purpose (POP) 

October 6 - Live2Lead VIP Event

November 3 - Live2Lead

November 28 - 15 Invaluable Laws - For High School Youth Mastermind - 4-weeks, Virtual

December 2023 - GTMA Cruise, Youth & Parent Leadership 

May 26-31 2024 Harbor TREKS, Disney Cruise '24 - perfect for families. 

Aug 2024 - July 2025 - GAP Year In The Harbor - a year-long opportunity for the Class of '24 High School Graduates. 

ContacT Chris

If you're ready to pursue your potential or book a Discovery Session I can't wait to talk with you. 

Current clients book your next Coaching Session.


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