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Chris Hansen

Chris Hansen is not just a Coach, Speaker & Trainer; he is also the Youth Impact Division (YID) Director at Leadership Harbor. With over 23 years of experience, he has dedicated his career to working with youth, young adults, and families across diverse settings. Chris's mission is to help individuals unearth their unique gifts, enabling them to live into their strengths, unlock their full potential, and lead a fulfilled life.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Chris cherishes quality time with his family—his wife Stephanie, and their kids Caden and Cloe. Whether at home or exploring new places, especially if it involves Disney, these moments hold a special place in Chris's heart.

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Chris's Why: To intentionally add value to others so they can experience their true God-given potential.  

More About Chris!

Chris was born, raised, and still call Lincoln, Nebraska home. In his youth, Chris was what some might label as shy or introverted. There's a humorous memory of his parents taking him to a therapist once, who amusingly suggested the issue might be with them, not him. (Joking aside, I firmly believe in having a therapist, mentor, and, of course, a leadership coach on our team.)

He cherished his close-knit group of friends, relishing in typical 80's and 90's activities like building forts, riding makeshift fire truck bikes (a friend, now a Fire Chief, loved them), exploring, collecting things, and the inevitable lesson in patience via dial-up internet.

In his teen years, two passions emerged – summer camp and public speaking. Volunteering and working at camp introduced Chris to amazing friends and experiences that shaped his identity. Despite being the 'shy kid,' camp provided opportunities to break out of his comfort zone, speaking in small groups and around campfires, eventually leading to training others. His love for helping others reach their full potential likely originated around a smoky fire in a place close to his heart.

At that very camp, Chris met his best friend, now his wife, Stephanie. A few years later, they embarked on the adventure of marriage and lived happily ever after!

Chris's family is his grounding force, and raising their amazing kids with Steph is one of life's greatest adventures. The pursuit of both personal and professional endeavors propels him to set goals continually, living into his full potential.


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