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“Everything Rises and Falls With Leadership”     - John C. Maxwell - 

Change Begins With 1!  2021 is a year for change, transformation and being Unstoppable.  We believe that Youth can be Unstoppable Leaders as much, if not more than the adults.  Crew Club will equip you to be intentional; to be & become your best, and to be the Unstoppable Leader you want to be. 

Think of Crew Club as the Leadership Buffet where you get the best tools to be the best you.  Each Crew Club is actually kind of like a club, a Leadership Club.  You get to go and grow through this experience with amazing peers.  

Middle School(grades 6-8)

Sometimes Middle School is just tough.  What if you could lead yourself and your peers during your middle school years?  You want to be heard and Crew Club is a place that will give you confidence and influence to be and become the best leader you can.  

What You Get With MS Crew Club - 

  • Monthly Coaching 30 min of 1-on-1

    • Get your feet wet with Leadership Coaching with 30 min sessions each month.

    • An ongoing conversation with your Coach.

    • Receive encouragement, guidance, accountability, and honest feedback.​

  • Monthly Teaching Calls 

    • Jump on a live call with a Coach and get a monthly teaching with an opportunity for Live Q&A, all with an Unstoppable focus. ​

  • How are YOU wired? DISC Assessment -

    • Youth Exploratory DISC helps you begin to understand your personality, strengths and how you communicate.


Valued at nearly $1,000

Investment - 

Annual (1 payment) $980

Two Payments $500 each (1st month & 4th month) 

High School(Grades 9-12)

You're now at a point where you start getting asked "what are you going to do after high school?"  No matter how you feel about that question, or if you even have an answer Crew Club will help you confidently own an answer.  You want to know your goals and dreams and this will help you identify those with confidence. 

What You Get With HS Crew Club - 

  • Monthly Coaching 1 hour of 1-on-1

    • An ongoing conversation with your Coach –

    • Receive encouragement, guidance, accountability, and honest feedback.​

  • Mastermind Group (1 each Quarter)

    • It offers a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability, and support to sharpen your leadership skills, which helps you achieve success.

    • A Mastermind group is offered each quarter in HS Crew Club, with an Unstoppable focus.

  • How are YOU wired? DISC Assessment -

    • The College & Career Impact Report helps you understand your personality, strengths, how you communicate, and career paths that suit your passions & personality.

Valued over $2,000.

Investment - 

Annual (1 payment) $1,596

3 Payments $600 each (1st, 4th, 7th month)

Crew Club is an asset in any time, imagine the impact it can have on your life this school year when things are up in the air. 

Jump right into Crew Club and begin being the leader you were wired to be.  You will not regret it! 

Crew Club is as an Annual investment is valued at nearly MS:$1,000,

HS: over $2,000

Middle School: 1 payment of only $980, two payments of $500 each.

High School: 1 payment of only $1,596, or three payments $600 each.

Talk to for more information or if you have questions. 

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