Crew Clubs

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“Everything Rises and Falls With Leadership”     - John C. Maxwell - 

Parents what if...

  • You could see increased drive to identify and accomplish goals in your youth?

  • Your youth improved their communication skills - at home, school, work, and beyond? 

  • You could see your youth have confidence in who they are?

  • Your youth recognized the leader within them and began to use that to change their world? 

Crew Clubs are designed to help Youth engage and Lean In where they want.  Being part of Crew Club will help youth; 

  1. Address common fears today's middle & high schoolers are facing

  2. Overcome problems with confidence

  3. Equip & Empower them to be leaders today

  4. ...and more! 

Created with youth in mind, Crew Club is a great place for any Middle or High School youth to engage in their journey.  Check them out today. 

Middle School(grades 6-8)

Sometimes Middle School is just tough.  What if you could lead yourself and your peers during your middle school years?  You want to be heard and Crew Club is a place that will give you confidence and influence to be and become the best leader you can.  

What You Get With MS Crew Club - 

  • Monthly Coaching 30 min of 1-on-1 -

    • Get your feet wet with Leadership Coaching with 30 min sessions each month.

    • An ongoing conversation with your Coach.

    • Receive encouragement, guidance, accountability, and honest feedback.​

  • Monthly Teaching Calls -

    • Jump on a live call with a Coach and get a monthly teaching with an opportunity for Live Q&A.  Miss the Live, the play-backs are yours to listen in.

  • Speakers Mastermind -

    • offered at some point in the year to help you improve your communication - from talking to your parents, to a speech in class we've got you covered.

  • How are YOU wired? DISC Assessment -

    • Youth Exploratory DISC helps you begin to understand your personality, strengths and how you communicate.

  • Parents Call see details in side column


Valued at nearly $1,700.

High School(Grades 9-12)

You're now at a point where you start getting asked "what are you going to do after high school?"  No matter how you feel about that question, or if you even have an answer Crew Club will help you confidently own an answer.  You want to know your goals and dreams and this will help you identify those with confidence. 

What You Get With HS Crew Club - 

  • Monthly Coaching 1 hour of 1-on-1

    • An ongoing conversation with your Coach –

    • Receive encouragement, guidance, accountability, and honest feedback.​

  • Mastermind Group (1 each Quarter)

    • It offers a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability, and support to sharpen your leadership skills, which helps you achieve success.

    • A Mastermind group is offered each quarter in HS Crew Club.

    • Speakers Club MMG - one of the Masterminds will be a Speakers Club opportunity to improve your speaking/communication skills - from talking to your parents, potential employers, schools, or giving a speech on stage, we've got you covered. 

  • How are YOU wired? DISC Assessment -

    • The College & Career Impact Report helps you understand your personality, strengths, how you communicate, and career paths that suit your passions & personality.

  • Parents Call see details in side column

Valued at nearly $3,000.

Crew Club (web) copy.png

1) Address common fears

2) Face problems with confidence

3) Equip & Empower you to be a leader today

Crew Club will give you these and probably more.

The Crew Club packages are an Annual investment and valued at

Middle School: $1,659

High School: $2,944

Middle School:

1 payment of only $1,079 

3 payments of $387 each.

High School:

1 payment of only $1,919 

3 payments $687 each.

3 Payments - 1st Month and invoiced at the first of Month 4 & 7

Talk to for more information or if you have questions. 

Are YOU ready to ENGAGE


E - Enter in and be ready to grow

N - Next Step, always look for it and step into it

G - Goals, identify & set them

A - Ask & Answer questions

G - Go for growth - intentionally pursue your goals

E - Embrace YOU - you are unique and that is what we need you to show up as. 

Parents Call - 

Brand New & coming this Fall. 

We're adding a monthly call exclusively for Parents/Guardian's of any Crew Club Youth.  

This call will be an opportunity to connect with what we're teaching/talking about with the Youth in Crew Club.  It will help you identify ways to truly apply things to your family and unlock potential all around. 

You'll hear from the our team but we'll get to hear from you as well - with an opportunity for Q&A.  You ask it and we'll work through it together.  

Additionally, if at anytime you need to check in with how Crew Club going you'll have access to your youth's Coach.


Brand New a Crew Club for Youth Grades 3-5 (ages 8-12).  Check it out and get Remixed!