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GAP J-Term

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What is J-Term

AKA January Term is often an opportunity to explore subjects outside of your major, discover new interests all during a shorter period between semesters.

What are you doing during your J-Term?  ​

• Sitting around watching sports all break? 

• Playing video games? 

• Catching up on Netflix? 

• Sleeping? 

Don't get us wrong, all of those things in the right proportions can be good, fun and a great way to change things up before next semester.  But, what if you could do something a bit more intentional with some of your break?  Something that will help you be better prepared for next semester, next year or your next steps?  

Give our GAP J-Term a try and we guarantee you'll have the best chance of becoming the person you were created to be. 


You'll get: 

• Two 1-on-1, 1-Hour Coaching Sessions​

  • Optional; Add 4 additional sessions for a total of 6 Hours of Coaching around a Personal Growth Plan through 2nd Semester.


• Your Laws Course - 4 Sessions, each covering a different Law of Growth that will help you unlock your potential for growth in the coming semester and beyond. 

* Tue 1/4/22 - Law of Intentionality - Do you have a plan for your personal growth?

* Thur 1/6/22 - Law of AwarenessYou must know yourself to grow yourself!

* Tue 1/11/22 - Law of ConsistencyMotivation gets you going - Discipline keeps you growing!

* Thur 1/13/22 - Law of the Rubber BandGrowth stops when you lose the tension between where you are and where you could be!

Your Laws Course will meet Tue/Thur at the above dates 1-2 PM CDT via Zoom.  

Coaching will be set up between you and your Coach and can be via Zoom or in-person if in the Lincoln area.

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If you would like to know more or have questions please email Chris;

With all that is included; J-Term has a value of $597


Sign up today for only $299

Seats are Limited.

Level Up - add four more hours to your Coaching package - for a total of 6 sessions.  You'll get monthly Coaching through 2nd Semester.   

"I have found Coaching to help me find out more about myself and help me improve my everyday life." 

- Young Adult Client -

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