GAP Year Out to sea

Age 19-24

Gap year; a constructive time out to do something between life stages. Out To Sea is for 19-24 year olds needing to take a step back to intentionally take the next step forward. 

Are you 19-24 years old? 

  • Maybe you've started college and realized you didn't have a plan going in. 

  • Maybe you're taking your Gen-Ed's and are not sure on what to study/major in. 

  • Maybe you completed 2 years (community/tech school) or started and dropped out and don't know what's next. 

  • Maybe you went to the military straight out of High School and now need to figure out your next step. 

Still unsure? 

  • What do you want to do when you grow up? 

  • What you'll major in? 

  • How your college or career may look during/following a global pandemic?

Consider spending a Gap Year Out To Sea  ​


The important thing about a gap year is that it is spent intentionally.

College is the single biggest investment made in a young person's life; are you prepared to make the most of your investment?  

Make an intentional investment in your investment and start your next chapter knowing yourself, your goals, and your potential.

Leadership Harbor GAP Year Program

  • 9 Month Term

  • Monthly 1-on-1 Coaching (9, one hour Sessions) 

    • Two 1-hour bonus Coaching Sessions*​

  • Phone access to your Coach between sessions (unlimited 15 min calls)

  • Transitions Workshop 

    • College/Career DISC Impact Report

    • Values 

    • Purpose

    • Goal Setting

  • Budgeting for College & Beyond Workshop

  • Live2Lead  Simulcast Access

  • "Put Your Dream To The Test" Mastermind

  • "Intentional Living" Mastermind 

  • A third Mastermind determined by the Gap Coach & Participants

  • 20% discount on other Leadership Harbor products 


* Bonus with Full Payment Option

The 20/21 GAP Program will begin in late August 2020 and conclude in early May 2021.  Don't worry there is No Homework in the GAP program, but the time you spend thinking, working through, and preparing for the GAP program aspects will add more value to your experience.

GAP Year Program will primarily be online (so you can join from anywhere), if it is safe for in-person gatherings & you are in the Lincoln area, we may do some hybrid (in-person & virtual) pieces. 

If you would like to know more or have questions please email Chris;

With all that is included, The GAP Year has a value of over $3,200

Three payment options

Full Payment; due at registration; $2,444.00

* Includes Full Pay Bonuses

Two Payments; $1,324.20 each, first half due at registration, second due Jan 1. 


Three Payments; $977.60 each, first third due at registration, additional thirds due Nov 1 & Feb 1.  


Class of 2020 take a look at our GAP Year In The Harbor

"I have found Coaching to help me find out more about myself and help me improve my everyday life." 

- Young Adult Client -

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