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The God-Personal-Social (GPS) Spiritual Inventory

GPS is the first psychometrically sound spiritual assessment that measures the quality of relationship with God, self, and others. 


A Blend of Faith and Science

The realms of science and spirituality have not always been considered compatible. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why researchers have been hesitant to seek to measure spiritual life and perhaps why religious scholars have been equally reluctant to seek to quantify the holy. Spiritual intelligence is a field of study that holds great value to both the religious world and the scientific world. While it is true that we cannot measure God, the impact of belief in God and relationship with God can and should be measured. The purpose of developing this measurement tool is driven by the desire to see more significant spiritual development within the world whether in religious communities or anyone who desires to develop their spiritual lives.


Training Services    

Leadership Harbor offers training to Christian organizations and ministry workers. (Including hospital staff, churches, and church staff, seminaries, Christian non-profits, denominational bodies, pastor cohorts, chaplain staff, coaches, counselors, spiritual directors, and psychologists).


We provide in-depth training in our model of Christ-Centered Spiritual Intelligence, as well as how to utilize the GPS Spiritual Inventory for your ministry or business.  Our training assists people in creating a deeper spiritual foundation for your mission, greater spiritual and emotional health for your employees or members, and increased and healthier empathy within your organization and with the people whom you serve.

To schedule and customize training for your organization please contact us at

Take the GPS Spiritual Inventory

Your purchase today includes a 16-page feedback report that will identify your strengths and areas for development, and a 30 minute debrief session with a licensed GPS Spiritual Inventory Practitioner/ Leadership Coach. 


Additional coaching sessions can be purchased to unlock your potential for a deeper and more meaningful relationship with God, yourself, and others.

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