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Global Youth Initiative

GYI will:  

• Equip you

• Inspire you

• Empower you

Let's go from

Overwhelmed to EMPOWERED

in 2022

Global Youth Initiative (GYI) - In 2017, the John Maxwell Team GYI was launched.  John Maxwell Team members around the world, host free events to equip youth with skills they need to serve as leaders in all areas of their lives. 

The Leadership Harbor Team presents these GYI events each April & October for those ages 8-18.  Contact to learn more. 

Teachers/Educators/Principals & Youth Leaders - if you're looking for a quality and engaging opportunity for your youth to gain the skills they need to serve as leaders, contact us TODAY to discuss scheduling one of the below GYI opportunities for your youth. 

Going from Overwhelmed to Empowered.  Our youth have lived through a pandemic too!  What we sometimes forget, as adults, we have a little bit more life under our belts to process these past two years.  Our youth are feeling the pressures of this experience.  Let's talk about resilience and how they can move towards being an empowered leader, of themselves and their communities.  


Middle & High School Youth - 

• The Leadership Game for Teens - is a great opportunity for groups of 6-12 youth to spend 60-90 minutes unpacking various Leadership scenarios and skills as it pertains to them and their group.  

The Future Belongs To YOU! - through this 60 minute experience groups will learn to create a future where they shine.  Using our Youth Impact Exploratory Report (a preliminary DISC profile assessment for youth) we will Dream Big, Be Prepared and Get Help as we look at our communication style based on our wiring.  


Elementary Youth - Calling all Elementary-aged youth.  We love sharing "Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn, For Kids" by John Maxwell with some of the youngest leaders among us.  

We'll meet Wendy & Wade, learn about Woggleball and some lessons from Papa.  


We value you, Youth, so much that we have a Leadership Lane just for you.  Overseen by Youth/Young Adult Coach, Chris. If you have any questions or want to know more please reach out to Chris.

Adults - we're always looking for amazing adults who believe in and are wanting to invest in the development of youth.  Contact us for opportunities to partner with Leadership Harbor to bring things like CALM Suicide/Bullying Prevention Workshop, and Global Youth Initiative to youth in our communities.


CALM is our Suicide & Bullying Prevention Training Workshop.  Important and appropriate for all ages to be aware of how to stay calm and save lives.  

Youth Max - we'll bring a special lesson from our YouthMax tool box - focusing on Stand Up & Be Counted (Stop Bullying), Learning to Fail Forward to Success, Developing a Positive Self-Image, or Developing a Strong Personal Character.  Which topic is most needed today for your group?  

"Youth are not the generation of tomorrow; they are the generation of today"  

John C. Maxwell

Some videos from GYI 2021
Knowing Your Why pt 1
Knowing Your Why pt 2
Communicating with Your Youth
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