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Parenting On Purpose -​

With the expertise and guidance of Dr. Deborah Tillman, Dr. John C. Maxwell and Leadership Harbor's Parenting & Family Coaches, Parents/Guardians will be equipped with the tools and resources to face the challenges and opportunities encountered by raising adults today.  


The goal is to provide the next generation a world filled with strong, powerful, authentic, purposeful families who are intentional about leading and guiding children into reaching their fullest potential.  We do this by working with parents, families, schools, churches, organizations, and communities, in order to raise, rebuild and restore a brighter future for families nationally and internationally. 

Leadership Harbor provides this through:

  • Workshops & videos for parents/guardians.

  • Parenting Think Tanks (monthly support opportunity). 

    • With Parent & Family Coaching/Family-Focused Thinking Partners.​

  • Assisting youth who are preparing for transitions (graduation, jobs, school, aging out, etc.) with Purpose, Education/Career Planning, and Communication. 

Parenting & Family Pre-Session Assessments 

This is a pre-session assessment that allows the Coach to gather information about each parent/family so they can prescribe the right mix of Maxwell Parenting & Family resources and coaching sessions. 

Equip Me (Module 1): Preparing the Soil 

This module prepares parents with a solid foundation on how to become the best and highest version of themselves as they learn the foundational principles of the Maxwell Team Parenting & Family Program

Empower Me: (Module 2) Planting Seeds of Greatness

This module will walk parents through the Maxwell Parenting & Family

S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G Methodology: 

  • Set an example

  • Treat everyone better

  • Respond don't react 

  • Encourage and empower

  • Tame your tongue

  • Connection before correction

  • Have an attitude of gratitude

  • Invest in yourself and your child

  • Never give up hope 

  • Go and shine bright

Expand me (Module 3): Producing Life-Changing Results

In this module, families will learn the 10 Practices of Parenting, which include:

  • ​Take off the mask.

  • The duty of dads and missions of moms.

  • Parenting as a team.

  • Building strong relationships.

  • Create a calm environment in the home. 

  • The bond of blended families. 

  • The strength of special needs families

  • Survive and thrive as a single parent

  • Raising financially fit children.


Sign up for a Parenting & Family Workshop today and invest in the next generation. 

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Sign up for a Parenting & Family Workshop today and invest in the next generation. 

Upcoming Workshops: 

Workshops are currently moving to a Virtual component.