3 Days Ago

Three Days Ago!

It’s a response often heard around some Leadership Harbor meetings. Just the other day I heard someone say they were looking forward to Jan 1 so they could begin their new health habits. They planned to start eating healthier and making choices that helped them live into the life they desire.

My thought was, WHY WAIT?

You’ve come to the decision that you want to make a change in your life, you want to go after a goal and then you set a start date of almost two months down the road. Why in the world would you wait? You’ve been there haven’t you? I know I have. The thing is, so many of us do this in a variety of areas of our lives.

I get the privilege of serving Youth & Young Adults and so often run into situations where I know starting today will make such a big difference in their lives. As youth progress through school we ask them questions about what’s next. What will you do after high school? For Young Adults; what will you study in college, or do for a career? I’d push back and ask - are these questions even helpful if we’re not ready to equip and encourage them today?

As adults it is our responsibility to challenge them to not wait. To model for them what it looks like to jump in and pursue their goals, their personal development and reach for the stars today, not in two months, not after graduation, and certainly not to assume every one of them should or will pursue the same path. But, how?

You’ve heard the question: when is the best time to plant a tree?

The answer is 20 years ago. The next best time is today. When you know it’s time to plant a tree just do it. Move forward with purpose. Sometimes a few of us at Leadership Harbor get asked; ‘when do you need or want that?’ We usually respond with “three days ago.” What we mean is we wish we would have thought of it three days ago so we’d already have a jump on it - but we’ll settle for today or as soon as possible.

What is it that you needed to take action on 3 days ago? What are you waiting for - take that next step today. Whether it’s for you or someone in your life that you should be modeling and influencing in a positive way, don't wait for Jan 1 to get started, unless of course, today is Jan 1. I’d challenge you to do something today that you’ve been meaning to do AND think of a Youth or Young Adult in your life that you can suggest they do the same.

Make it a Great Day,


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