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A few months ago, one of my mentors posed a few questions to some of us and I want to spend some time this month unpacking a few of them. This week the next question is about reading; “What am I reading today?”

Leaders (of all ages) are Readers. What’s on your reading list this year? If you want to move closer to your goals and improve as a leader you need some titles that will help move you forward. I don’t have the perfect list, but I’ve had a few great reads this year already and I’d be happy to make a recommendation if you’d like

Here is a TikTok where I talked about this question recently:

Remember to find time every day - even if only a few minutes - to make space in your calendar for reading. Encourage those around your dining table to do the same. Share with each other what you’re learning as you read.

Make It A Great Day,


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