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A Plan or a Free-for-all?

How do you approach the end-of year, the month of December, the holiday’s your family celebrates?

Do you have a plan or do you just let it happen as it may? Or possibly somewhere in

between. Oftentimes we find this season in our calendars to bring with it added stress or frustration. Today’s youth feel undue academic and social pressure to perform or compete.

I heard that and have found myself wondering the “whys” behind this, how did we get there? When youth feel pressure to excel in school, sports, and anything else they do - finding few things are just for fun - I think we need a change.

I suggest a plan - one that fits with their style, their goals, their dreams. Not ours!

As we head towards the New Year I want to ask; What Could Be in 2023?

  • What could be for the youth if we allow them the space to lean into discovering and unlocking their potential?

  • What could be for us as adults when we allow them to make some decisions and learn from them?

What could be? I challenge you to take time this month and ask that question, of yourself, your family and the youth in your life. Ask it often as you share meals, time in the car and maybe wrapping up some gifts.

If I can help you with a plan for what could be in 2023 let’s talk - from Crew Cohorts to Coaching (for youth and you) I’m certain the possibilities are endless.

Make it a Great Day,


P.S. When you’re ready to get Intentional let’s set up a quick Discovery Session ( this month and find the best next step for you.

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