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A Road Trip & A Mistake!

Have you ever been on a road trip?

What about a mistake, ever made one of those ?

A couple of weeks ago the family jumped in the van and headed out to end up at a birthday dinner for my mother in law. The kids and my wife were in the back watching a movie so I popped on a podcast in my library to pass the time. Leaders are learners, even if it’s on the road.

The podcast was Ed Mylett’s, but this time he let his friend and Author Jamie Kern Lima interview him. Side note: if you don’t know one or both these fine individuals, get to know them today. Honestly I chose this particular one that day because I enjoy Ed’s podcast and seeing Jamie’s name in the show notes I knew it would be GOLD!

I was not wrong.

Within minutes I knew I’d have to re-listen to this episode when I was back home so I could take some notes - something about driving, listening to a podcast and taking notes all at the same time seems like a mistake. So, I just listened. The focus was a new book Ed had coming out this month.

By the time the podcast had ended I knew I would end up ordering the book. Later that night I was on a phone call with one of my All Access Coaching Clients. He had hit a road-block of sorts. We talked through a solution that just so happened to be something I’d picked up from the podcast earlier that day.

Now I knew I needed to get the book ASAP. Instead of getting it ordered I put it on my to-do list. Honestly right now it’s more of a to-do pile than a list. What can I say, even though ‘FOCUS’ is my word for the year, I hit a rough patch and am working to get back on track and focused.

The mistake I made was not taking action when I already knew I needed or wanted to.

I didn’t order the book.

I could have and it would have been on my doorstep on release day. Then all of a sudden you couldn’t get it online - at least not for a few weeks. So, I went to the bookstore, but they don’t have it. Neither do the big box stores in town. I guess this is all good news for Ed.

Can I still get the book, sure - but now I waited so now I have to wait. I’m ready to jump into my next book now and well, I’m stuck waiting.

The point I want to make here is as leaders we have to be intentional and we need to act when we know it’s time to act. As you go through your daily ‘road trips’ we call work, school, family, fun or whatever - be on the lookout for what your next steps are supposed to be. Then take them, not tomorrow, take them today - otherwise you’re only delaying how quickly you’ll get to where you want and need to be.

I’d be happy to visit with you during a Complimentary Discovery Session if you need some help thinking through the next steps on your road trip. Or consider joining me for my next Intentional Living mastermind beginning in August.

Be Intentional and

Make it a Great Day,


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