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BECOMING The Person that I Was Intended to Be

I had a conversation with my niece once where she asked a question that I had to seriously think about. What is my biggest fear?

Before I answer, I suspect that you also ask yourself, What is my biggest fear? Take a

moment to consider before moving on to just read about mine. Don’t worry, it’s right here, you can read it when you are ready. I’ll also warn you that I am a person of faith. If that in any way has you concerned, then please stop now - I am not in this to offend anyone.

Are you ready? Did you come up with your answer? Some of you did - I hope you all are on this path with me for now.

My biggest fear…

My biggest fear is that I do not become everything that God has designed me to become. I am not trying to be all philosophical or something, or think I am better than anyone. It is not that at all - my whole life has been a journey to become the person that I am meant to be. I see that my fears get in the way. It is interesting for me to note that I visited a new networking group yesterday, and the person speaking had the same goal for his life.

Recently I read a book by Ed Mylett called #Maxout Your Life. It’s a really short read with plenty of valuable tips. I’ll just share some highlights that connected for me. Ed is a guy’s guy. And what I mean by that is he is a well-built muscular man. To picture him, consider Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, as a white guy. Not exactly the same, but you may get the idea. However, when Ed was young, he claims he was very small. Not only that, but he was introverted and quiet. This is interesting to me because I have always been a smaller guy, introverted and quiet as well. While I will never be the muscle-bound big guy, I do like to be fit. Ed grew out of his small stature, and developed a talent for baseball. He had extraordinary hand/eye coordination and became a hitter. He had talent; and was on his way to becoming a professional baseball player.

Then an injury changed all that mattered to him at the time. There was no way that he was going to become a baseball player. While this did not actually happen to ME, maybe something similar happened to you? In some ways I wish that it had happened to me. Maybe I would have lived into my purpose earlier. Maybe you would have fulfilled your dreams of success.

Then again, it is also very probable that I could not become the person I was meant to be without going through the stages of life that I have. Something John Maxwell has said has always stuck with me, “We cannot become what we need by remaining what we are.” This reminds me that I need to have courage to change in order to become.

We cannot become what we need by remaining what we are.” John Maxwell

This reminds me of what Robert T. Kiyosaki said, “If you want to change your life, begin by changing your words. Start by speaking the words of your dreams, of who you want to become, not the words of fear and failure.”

I realize that in order to grow, I must step outside of my comfort zone. I am also reminded of a movie; albeit somewhat an unusual movie, called Chick Fight. It is about a woman that struggles to accomplish the things in life that will bring her success and happiness. She is challenged to get in an underground boxing ring to fight. Now I realize this is a rather unusual movie. And if you look at the reviews, they aren’t too keen on the story or the acting. I happened to love it. I really appreciated the message. To summarize the movie and share the teaching point without sharing any of the hilarious scenes - Malin Ackerman plays Anna Wyncomb, a woman who can’t seem to “get it together” in her career or in life. A friend invites her to an underground fight arena, though she doesn’t know it initially. After getting in the ring for a bout, and then getting “whooped” she eventually decides that she needs to conquer some fears in order to face her life and her future. She comes across Jack Trainer played by Alec Baldwin. Jack is a drunk that historically, has been a very good boxing trainer. After some convincing, they do work together.

And my favorite line -

one that I find inspirational. “The only thing that takes care of fear is one small step.” This line inspires and challenges me to take a step, no matter how small, to face my fears - one moment at a time.

One thing I’ve discovered, we all have fears, or simply insecurities. I’ve known some big tough guys, only to know that they're really the same as each of us. Strengths, weaknesses and some doubts.

If you are looking for someone in your corner - someone who can encourage you, or even someone to give you the proverbial “kick in the pants” then let’s sit down for a chat. Consider whether we can work together, and I can add the value to you becoming all you ever wanted to be.

To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end of life. Robert Louis Stevenson

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