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Build Whatever You Want!

After paying a visit to Legoland a couple years ago I bought a Lego block key chain.  For a Lego enthusiast it might have a different meaning, but for me, it was something different, fun and a reminder to build.  

With Lego’s there are really two options - you buy a kit and follow the directions to build the masterpiece you saw on the front of the box.  Or, you buy the bucket of Legos and build whatever you want - you are the author of the directions in this build.  The key chain is a reminder of the later.  

I have goals, dreams, aspirations - just as I assume you do.  But until we open up the box and intentionally begin to build, those dreams and goals remain locked away in our head.  

So, whether you need a Lego block key chain as a reminder or not, my challenge, my encouragement to you - take some time and jot down what it is you are dreaming for. 

Do it today - your dreams deserve to be written down.  

After you’ve put them in writing begin to craft a plan to achieve them.  

What will it take?  Are changes in your life required to get there?  Who will help you?  Is there someone to hold you accountable?  

You know me, I Coach, I Speak & I Train. 

Any of us at Leadership Harbor would  be honored to help you work towards your dreams and goals - it's actually one of our values "helping others get what they want."

Let us know when you’re ready to take action and begin building!

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