I have recently taken the Leadership Harbor's ‘Speakers Club’ class. It is one of the many

opportunities that Leadership Harbor offers that I chose to take up in order to avail myself and grow as a leader.

Why Speakers Club? I am an introvert, but I want to become more comfortable with speaking in front of others. I have found that a number of the speakers that I follow are introverts. This knowledge gives me comfort because it means that I just have to work on it. Well, what better way to work on becoming better than to take a class on it from a local source.

I Want To Be A Speaker

I wanted to share the speech that I wrote for our last class. Granted you will have to use your imagination when it comes to the parts concerning the cats:

Have you ever had one of those times? It's Monday night and you have to have a speech ready for your Wednesday Speakers Club. You make mention of this while playing Bananagrams® with your children.

The Wisdom Of That Action Has Yet To Be Determined.

Your youngest begins to let you know what your speech should entail. Her ideas include NOT tripping while going up to give your speech. That actually.... seems like a good idea.

Her ideas come so fast that you lose track of them because for a short moment you are wondering if she should write your speech for you. No, you decide. That would be wrong.

Your next distraction comes in the form of cats. They have found a pink pipe cleaner. One of them makes a dive for it. He and the pipe cleaner slide under the couch. The next one goes partially under to retrieve it. You notice this by seeing her little booty hanging out from under the couch. The third one sits on the sidelines to see how it's all going to play out.

Distraction or Inspirational?

The discussion arises, yes with this same child, should this speech topic be Distraction or Inspiration. There is a fine line between the two for some of us when it comes to writing.

Are the cat's antics distracting me from writing this speech, or are they giving inspiration? Let's face it, cats are both. If you have doubts, check out all of the cat videos and all the jokes about cat videos.

You get to this point and time your speech. It's only 1 ½ minutes long. This same child asks why you're timing yourself. You inform her that if your speech is 2 minutes, you don't have that much more to write. Her comment “Oh” indicates that she understands. I can tell she is still wondering, as you probably are as well, what is the point of this speech. Wait....does this speech really need a point?

Sometimes we just need to lighten up and have a good laugh. Maybe that's the point of this speech.

As you can see, this class can lead to some very interesting and entertaining topic discussions. I enjoyed this class and feel that it helped me improve in my speaking skills.

You can check out the current and upcoming classes and events that Leadership Harbor offers at Leadershipharbor.com. Please don't forget that there are 5 coaches who are able to help you with growing yourself personally and business wise.

Jody Fayman

Certified Financial Coach

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