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Do Not Get Upset with People or Situations

Focus on what you can control (hopefully, that is you) and worry less about what you cannot control (else it will control you). Sadly, if what comes out of the mouth is about what one doesn’t like, then something else has been given the control over your life.

I once was part of a group raising money at Christmas to help others who were “down on their luck.” We supported a couple of families the previous year, and that was such a wonderful feeling. Then we were on track to help out even more the next year. One person said we have helped enough, let’s “save some money” for next year. I was floored. Can you imagine needing help and having someone hold back what they could give to save up for 365 days later? Me, neither. (So we didn’t!)

Do what you can, whenever you can, with whatever you can.

Blessings for 2017 from Leadership Harbor.

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