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Do You Have A Band Aid?

Do you ever reflect back on something that you learned years ago, maybe as a youth? Something that was ingrained in you that you fall back on constantly? Two of those that stand out most frequently were lessons I learned growing up in Scouting.

The first is, the 12-points of the Scout Law are fantastic pillars to live by.

A Scout is…

  • Trustworthy

  • Loyal

  • Helpful

  • Friendly

  • Courteous

  • Kind

  • Obedient

  • Cheerful

  • Thrifty

  • Brave

  • Clean

  • Reverent

See what I mean? This is the foundation of who a Scout grows to be. Guess what? It’s also some of what makes a great leader. And if you want one more secret, promise not to tell, but on more than one occasion when answering questions for a job, application, extra curriculars where they ask for the things that describe you…guess what - built in answer in these 12 points!

What really sticks out to me and what I want to share today is two simple words - Be Prepared. It’s the Scout Motto. It applies to everything, in my opinion. If you know me well you know there are typically two things I always have with me - a pen (don’t you dare try and keep it), and a band aid in my wallet.

Do you know how many times someone needs a pen or a cut arises and someone is surprised I happen to have a bandaid?

It baffles me, something so simple - plan ahead, be prepared. I get to meet and work with people everyday. And I have two kids. Sometime when I’m away from the masses of first-aid supplies in our closet at home - the need for a band aid or two is going to arise, probably today!

Part of this ‘band aid in your wallet’, be prepared approach is also credited to growing up in a medical family and the countless training for first-aid and CPR over the years. One result is I’ve usually been prepared with at least gloves in my car and now you’d find a bright orange first aid bag in the back. I’m so glad it’s there.

A few weeks ago I was in the right place at the right time and being prepared with a first aid kit and the third point of the Scout Law, came in handy after witnessing a bad motorcycle accident. Although there is a long road ahead, the young man is doing great in recovery and has a bright future ahead.

When you witness an accident like I did, being prepared is the only thing that makes a difference. Adrenaline kicks in and you're on auto-pilot. A situation you never imagined you'd actually be in is ok, because you're prepared. Reflection after the fact proves the things you've put in place make a huge difference in the moment. One of the many things I have taken away from this experience is the little things matter. Being prepared matters.

As you ponder my opening questions I would like to challenge you to think about how you’re intentionally preparing yourself. Maybe you need to stick a band aid or two in your wallet today. What if you took time to jot down some goals or dreams and worked out a plan to achieve them. How about taking that next step you’ve been considering - jump out there and grow into who you are designed to be.

Being prepared in a variety of ways not only helps us be and become the leaders we’re meant to, but it helps our neighbors and our communities. You never know what will come your way, but the steps you take today will pay off regardless tomorrow. If you’re looking for some help talking through getting yourself prepared drop me an email and let’s connect.

Make It A Great Day,


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