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Do You Like Cookies?

Recently I was with some colleagues on a trip to one of my favorite cities to visit and I knew that while I was there I needed to grab a cookie or cold brew. Not just any cookie or cold brew - the best!

It was several years ago, heading on a family vacation that my wife and I stumbled upon a recommendation - thanks to social media - to try this place. We looked into it and thought the cookies sounded good - I mean they claim it takes 24 hours to make them and they weigh in at around ½ lb each, so they’re gonna be good, right? They also sounded a bit crazy - hearing how long the line to get in could stretch we wondered. We committed to try them when we arrived. Then we saw the line, and the sun, and the heat. But someone said they had great cold brew too. We waited. And waited. And waited. It was So Worth It!

So now, anytime I’m back in town for work or play this is a Must Stop. As I mentioned a few weeks ago I was going to be in the area and told my travel mates “I don’t care what you’re doing Saturday evening but I’m going for cookies and cold brew.” Let’s be honest I wasn’t just going to get one or the other. After all the flavor of the month was Orange Mocha Cold Brew! The good news everyone was in on getting cookies and cold brew. The problem was we got to the bakery and it felt like 120 out and the line was LONG!

Over the next several hours as we shopped, got our dinner reservations, a few cold beverages to cool us down, and multiple trips to check on the status of said LINE, I had a decision to make. Would I wait in line or head back to the hotel? Knowing if I left I may not have time to make it back before we returned home. It had been a long day of travel and felt even longer being out in the heat all day. It was time to pass on the cookie and cold brew.

While attending my conference I mentioned to a new friend the cookies and cold brew. Hold on, what? He knew about the place and was slightly more obsessed than I was. We began to hatch a plan to find a time we could Uber over to try again. With a bit of determination, a dash of crazy and a few more partners in crime - we found a time, grabbed a ride and arrived to find a 30-minute wait. We decided we were in.

We waited and finally, it was our turn to order. Everyone knew their assignments, there is a limit on cookies and we had to get some to go home too! Minutes later, goods secured, we were able to find a shady place to sit, enjoy some fellowship, cookies and of course cold brew.

How do cookies and cold brew tie into our leadership you may be wondering. There are many, but today the focus; TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK! Without my original travel companions or the new crew who returned and obtained the goods, I likely wouldn’t have enjoyed either cookies or cold brew this trip. So, it’s time for you to put your Team to Work on the Dream in front of you;

  • Set The Dream - When it comes to your family, what’s the dream? If you haven’t yet or it’s been a while since you’ve had a ‘family meeting’ - it’s time - set a time and talk about what your families dreams and goals are. Write them down. In today’s example it was to obtain cookies and cold brew.

  • Plan For The Dream - Once you’ve identified your goals or dreams start to identify the next steps - what will help you get there?

  • Work For The Dream - Here is where you actually put the plan into action, and occasionally have to make adjustments along the way. Even in the midst of what seems like a failure, evaluate and learn from it, then keep moving.

  • Enjoy The Dream - eat the cookies and drink the cold brew, you worked hard to get here.

The only thing left is to rinse and repeat, you’ve got more goals to go after, there are more lines to wait in for next month’s flavor and the world needs you and your family to keep showing up! So, enjoy the picture of cookies but get intentional with your family and the goals you each want to go after. I promise the journey and the reward are worth it, even if you need to take a few laps to burn off that amazing cookie. If I can add value to your Dream pursuits let’s set up a Complimentary Discovery Session today.

Make it a Great Day, Chris

P.S. did I mention they have cake by the slice too?

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