Do You Still Have Your Imagination?

Do you still have your imagination? When, as we get older, do we seem to lose our

imagination? When do we stop dreaming?

Is it the first time we share some special thought and we are told, 'That's foolish'? Maybe it's when we wanted to fit in with the 'cool' crowd that we turned our back on imagination and started to close the door. In denying imagination, we deny a part of who we are and who we were created to be.

I am drawn to those who use their imagination.

They have an energy that emanates from them that is life giving to those around them. There are people who think imagination is only for those in the art world. They would be wrong. My friend and coach Kris uses her imagination when she looks at me. She helps me to use my imagination to see how much more I could be.

Imagination in the business world sees people as they could be.

It helps people see needs and it gives them the ability to create that which would meet the need. Think of something you use everyday. The car you drive, the chair you are sitting on, the pen you write with, the glass you drink from, and the shoes that you wear. These are a few examples of the multitude of things created by people using their imaginations to meet a need.

Those of you who are brave enough to use your imagination…

It does take bravery so be ready to brave the looks that say, 'You're crazy' and may even take a step back - at least in their minds. My children will give me the amused 'I don't see it' look such as was given me yesterday morning by one. I picked up a bite of scrambled eggs and saw the ears and trunk of an elephant. She did not.

At other times, they give me the comprehending look of 'I see it too' like seeing the face of a ferret on one of our kitchen cabinets, or the reindeer formed by the branches of our neighbor’s tree.

Imagination gives us joy when we let it out to play.

It gives us the ability to create and the ability to see that which could be created. The more you let imagination out, the more you see. The more you see, the more you have to give to others. How many lives will you touch today? How many lives will you encourage to use their imaginations?

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