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Do You Want Them To Be Successful?

As parents we typically want to see our youth succeed - maybe not at everything they do or try, but generally speaking - we want them to achieve great things for themselves and their communities.

“Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently.”

So, how do we help those young people we’re raising (and ourselves too) reach for success? There are a million ways to answer that question, but for the sake of time today the answer is: Make sure you and they are in the room on Saturday, February 10th for Youth & Parents Live2Lead.

Our time together that day is specially crafted for Middle & High School youth and their parents/guardians. We’ll get to learn from world-class speakers/authors; John C. Maxwell, Marcus Buckingham, and Ryan Leak. Additionally, I get the privilege of hosting a Fireside Chat with Coach Dax.

If you want them (your youth) and yourself to be successful begin here with getting your seats and watch your consistent choices make an impact. I can hardly wait to grow with you.

Make It A Great Day, Chris

P.S. I still have some availability for Complimentary Discovery Sessions before the year ends.

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