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Even Financial Relationships Come from Building Trust

The Trust Question: Can We Build Mutual Trust?

Relationships are built on Trust. And when it comes to finances, trust is foundational. Is it

possible to build mutual trust around money? This is a question that John Maxwell raises in Winning with People.

What causes relationships to fail? The most common cause is broken trust. What is trust? Kevin Meyers says, “You may not know what trust is, but you know what it isn’t. If someone lies, steals, induces physical harm - you know you can’t trust them - that’s easy and obvious. Are there there other ways that people can break trust? And what kind of person must you be in order to be worthy of trust in the relationship?

And when it comes to our finances, trust may take on an even greater level of importance. It is probably good to recognize that a typical relationship involves one person that is more of the “nerd” in the relationship, and often the other is more of a “free spirit.” The nerd likes to know where the money is going, and is more likely to be the saver; and the free spirit takes the lead on being more of the spender.

Over the next several weeks we will look at these principles as they relate to building mutual trust, and especially how it impacts our financial trust:

  • The Bedrock Principle: Trust is the foundation of any relationship.

  • The Situation Principle: Never let the situation mean more than the relationship.

  • The Bob Principle: When Bob has a problem with everyone, Bob is usually the problem.

  • The Approachability Principle: Being at ease with ourselves helps others be at ease with us.

  • The Foxhole Principle: When preparing for battle, dig a hole big enough for a friend.

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