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Fire Me!

That’s right, Fire Me!

I’ve often told my Coaching Clients - both youth and adults - that if I am not a better Coach for you next time we meet then you should fire me.

The first time I said that to a High Schooler, he asked why I would say that. My perspective was and still is clear. You must first learn to lead yourself before you can lead anyone else. When I look at some of the characteristics of a leader I see someone who is a reader, a learner, someone with intentionality built in.

This isn’t to say I have to have completed a Masterclass between every Coaching session, but it does mean I need to learn something new. It’s one of the reasons I take time each night in my planner to reflect and one question I answer is “Today I Learned:” It’s a simple way to keep me accountable and to look back and the small and big things I’m learning as I grow on my journey.

If I don’t show up a better version of myself tomorrow - whether that is as your Coach or any other role I fill with those I have relationships with I’m not holding up my part of the deal. It may only be a 1% increase - but I have to lead myself before I can lead anyone else. So, if I haven’t learned something new, if I haven’t grown, if I haven’t tried a new next step - go ahead Fire Me, You and I both deserve better!

I’d challenge you and your family to not fire each other but to hold each other accountable for daily growth! If I can help in any part of that journey book a Complimentary Discovery Session today.

Make it a great day,


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