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Free Samples

Who doesn’t like free samples? Whether it’s heading to the grocery store, or a sample thrown in with something you purchased or ordered - it’s always nice to try something before you commit.

I know my youngest (usually) loves going to Costco just to try all the things. Sometimes we end up discovering something new that we like and others just say “Well we tried it.” There was a company I used to order from that with each shipment they’d always throw in a sample of some sort AND a personal note. I love them all because it’s a great way to figure out what I might want or need next.

I’m on a quest to “give some samples” before we close out 2023. Sure you can wait until 2024, but why? Complimentary Discovery Sessions are our way of letting you get an idea of what Leadership Harbor has to offer and get your questions answered. It will also help us help you create a personal growth plan.

Book one for you. Book one for your middle/high school youth. Book one for your young adult (okay, maybe they should book their own). Tell your family and friends to book one too. It’s just like the freebies at the store, only this one may just change your life.

I can hardly wait to connect with you, find a time that works, and lets get growing:

Make it a Great Day,


P.S. if you’ve already done a Discovery Session I’d challenge you to keep growing - what’s next for you as you evaluate the end of 2023 and prepare for the New Year?

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