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All things being equal, people will work with people they like. All things not being equal, they still will. Face it, friendships drive relationships. The greater the friendship, the stronger the desire to help the other. I’ve worked for a large corporation for much of my life; and so

often the management driver on purchasing decisions was cost. The reason was to ward off even simple bribery - being taken out to lunch just to get the business. The problem was that too many decisions did not take into consideration, VALUE. Cost is more than the purchase price. What about care for the customer long term?

I bought a certain brand of TV over the last year - it developed a video flaw. The customer service was a little lacking…..I ended up entering 2 service orders before I got anywhere. It took a month to get someone to visit me and my TV problem; and then another month to get a replacement video screen. I just entered a 2nd claim because this screen has a video issue. In John Maxwell’s book, Winning with People, we can learn about the Friendship Principle - it is only through the friendliness of the Service company (located in Seward) that I am not totally frustrated with this brand of TV.

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