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Go To Your Room!

How many times as a parent have you uttered those words?

Have you ever wished as a parent someone would tell you to go to your room?

I’ve said it before, the rooms we find ourselves in matter. Whether it’s being sent to our own rooms for a time-out - by the way, time-outs are important and we don’t need to wait for someone to give us one, in order to take one. Or it’s the rooms we find ourselves in at work, school, or beyond, the rooms you’re in matter.

When we choose to intentionally who we’ll be around and the rooms we place ourselves in we begin to achieve more than we originally anticipated. I want to encourage you and your middle or high-school-age youth to Be In The Room with us on Feb 10th. We’ve put together Youth & Parents Live2Lead just for you. We’ll spend half a day together learning from John Maxwell, Marcus Buckingham, Ryan Leak, and some of the LH Team; including Dax & I leading a Fireside Chat.

Save your seat today and get ready to grow together in the right room. Make It A Great Day, Chris

P.S. I’d love to help you, your youth, or your family in the New Year, book your Complimentary Discovery Session today and we’ll get to work on your personal growth plan!

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