Goal! Safe! Mistakes!

I’m not a huge sports fan (not a shocker for those who know me) but most often if asked my favorite sport I’ll say "baseball." I did have a really sweet Soccer career in 3rd or 4th grade though. I decided to hang up my shin guards and retire early after scoring one amazing goal that season. For the wrong team.

Anywho, in baseball when you’re sliding into a base you hope to hear one word, “SAFE”. However this is something our youth should feel, not just sliding into a rubber mat in a ball game, but should actually feel about the home we’ve created.

Has your kid messed up? This week? Today?

I don’t mean just forgot to do a chore, or turn in a homework assignment, but made a bigger mistake. I remember growing up with that fear mentality that many of us have probably heard of. If you get in enough trouble the response is supposed to be “oh no, my dads gonna kill me.”

But what if we’ve created a physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually safe environment in our home for our kids? Where they aren’t put down, insulted, discouraged? What if when the mess ups happen - and they do - when they get in trouble - and they will - instead of “Oh no they're going to kill me” they said “Oh no, I better call my dad (or mom)”?

Creating safe places for our youth are key. Here are a few ideas to work towards that:

  • First, be intentional and make it your priority.

  • Review - what kind of environment have you already created? This may require asking your older youth for their input. How close are you to your goals, based on your evaluation and their feedback?