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Growing Up with Chris

What’s it like Growing Up? 

How about growing up today versus when you grew up?  

When it comes to growing up, raising tiny humans, and finding the right “village” to come around a young person it can be a bit stressful. Every generation has its ups and downs, its opportunities and challenges.  My grandparents walked uphill both ways in the snow.  My parents, well I’m not sure I think they walked uphill both ways too.  Me, I rode my bike, some I was driven and sometimes I walked, and there was a slight incline at times.  

All of this is just to set you up to know something new is coming to your podcast library in March.  I mentioned in my last blog “Unfiltered Conversations” all the details that led to this new podcast.  So, now all I need you to do is update your favorite podcast listening app and get ready.  “Growing Up” will be a great place for our community to grow together, create some memories, and hopefully have a laugh or two when we share some conversations. 

Make It A Great Day, 


P.S. If you’ve got a question, topic, or suggestion for a guest on “Growing Up” please drop us an email at: 

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