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Happy Holidays!

We have just a few days left in 2023. My hope for you and your family is you are able to take some time this week to reflect on what went well, what you’d like to leave behind, and set some goals for 2024.

If you're taking some time to fill in your 2024 Calendar I'd highly recommend you get February 10th for Youth & Parents Live2Lead. It will be a great opportunity for your Middle & High School Youth and Yourself to invest in your growth.

Be sure to also make time for rest, creating memories and just being with those you love. I know my family will be spending some time together this week, sleeping in, celebrating, and looking ahead to 2024. From my family to yours, Happy Holidays!

Make It A Great Year, Chris

P.S. I’m out for the remainder of the year, but if you’d like to schedule a Complimentary Discovery Session at the start of January, I’d love to help you with a personal growth plan to make the best of your New Year!

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