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Have you ever tripped walking up the stairs?

I know I have tripped walking up the stairs. I’ve even really banged up

a shin, and probably even spilled something, but nothing hurts as much as the pride. When you are in a public place, though maybe, it’s more important when there are people I know around, and I trip - it’s embarrassing, right? It’s like I’ve never walked up stairs before! Especially, if it’s stairs I walk up all the time! The standard step height is somewhere between 7 inches and 7 ¾ inches tall. Did you know that the standard height in Canada is 8 ¼ inches? Is it a guy thing? I wonder if guys have more issues than women? And how often does one take more than one step at a time? I am guessing this may be more of a guy thing; and if so, even more reason that a man should be able to cover the distance of 1 single step!

If you are going to climb stairs - make sure to take a big enough step!

Don’t try to just take enough of a step, because in doing so, you may come up short. You end up taking no steps at all - not to mention the pride and/or injury possibilities. And if one tries to take 2 steps, and comes up short, guess what - they still make 1 step.

The same thing happens in our daily lives.

If we have the option to do something at two levels, what are the rewards for each option? Are they significantly different? I would assume so (otherwise, what’s the point)? Next, consider the work or effort involved. If the work involved to achieve bigger is significantly more than that involved to achieve the lesser reward - weigh the pros and cons. Is the process and project fun? Is it really worth the significant extra effort? However, if the effort involved is only slightly more involved in order to achieve an appreciable greater gain, then go for it!

For some, there is a fear.

There is something outside the comfort level that is causing the hair on the back of your neck to stand up. Define the fear. Quantify the reasoning. Prove to yourself that there is some real reason not to “go for it.”

Many of us fear what it may mean if this were to be successful. If this were truly possible - what else is possible? And what have I missed out on in the past? Never mind what may or may not have happened in the past. The past is over. Yesterday ended last night. Today offers new opportunities.

Yesterday ended last night. John C. Maxwell

What would you do if you knew that failure was not an option? If you could do anything and you knew you could not fail - what would you do? That question may get us thinking . . and then some sort of reality sets in. We know the possibility of failing. We fear failing. We fear that we are not good enough.

What if instead, the question was - What would you do if you could see a positive return from your failure? Would you be able to rethink the possibilities? Would your dream drive you to more?

Think BIG, Dream Bigger

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