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Hold Onto Your Wishes

A Lesson from Sabino from Disney’s Wish.

Hey friends,

We’ve been talking this month about lessons from Walt Disney’s movie Wish. We can’t talk about Disney’s Wish and not talk about Sabino, Asha’s Grandpa. Let me tell you about Sabino – he's proof that dreams are super powerful. Sabino was required to give his Wish to King Magnfico, but Asha went and got her Grandpa’s wish back. As she gave back her Grandpa’s wish, Sabino came to life! His wish was to inspire the next

generation through music. When he got his wish back, it was clear how Sabino felt

whole again.

Sometimes, life gets crazy, and we forget about our dreams. Sometimes, those dreams

can seem to be taken from us by other people or life circumstances. But our wishes are

what make us who we are. They're like the secret sauce that makes life awesome.

As a young Martial Artist, my dream was to win a world title in single bostaff. When I

shared that with a past Martial Arts instructor of mine, I was told that I should never

expect to be great at bostaff because I didn’t have what it takes. I was told I would never

be like another young World Champion Martial Artist. I could have listened to this. I

could have given my dream to that instructor and I could have given up on that dream,

or wish, in my life. But, I didn’t. I found people who supported and encouraged me and

went on to win 23 World Champion titles with bostaff.

So, my friends, don't ever let go of your dreams. Whether you want to be an artist, a

scientist, a world champion, or an adventurer, hold onto those dreams tight. They're like

little sparks that light up our hearts and show us where we're meant to go. Sabino's

story is a reminder that we should always nurture our dreams and chase after them like

our favorite toys. Because in those dreams, there's the magic that can change the

whole wide world.

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