I Owe Jon Gordon an Apology

I came to the world of podcasts late. I usually have music on while doing things. I even have

a number of CDs packed ready for road tripping. I came to the realization, within the last two years, that I could listen to podcasts while cooking or taking a long shower. Get this, there's a pause button. You don't have to listen to the entire episode at once. Mind blowing isn't it?

My favorites quickly became Christy Wright and Jon Gordon.

Christy Wright, author of,BUSINESS BOUTIQUE, and her latest, TAKE BACK YOUR TIME, is all about encouraging entrepreneurs - especially women. Christy's mom, Darlene, set Christy on her journey by showing the example of having a cake baking business while raising Christy as a single mom.

Jon Gordon is one whom I have followed for a number of years. He lives the example that you can fight negativity and win. He shows that the battle against negativity is not a one and done, but a series of battles fought in one's mind.

Supplying tools for the Fight ...

I have attended Jon's Power of Positivity Summit online events for a few years. Each one has leaders from business, as well as the entertainment world, athletes and coaches.

I have to sadly admit that I have been selective in choosing which of Jon's podcasts to listen to. If it was an interview with a sports related person, I chose not to listen. In making those choices, I was being, and growing, ignorant.

This realization occurred to me when I was making barbecue chicken.

I was trying to figure out which podcast episode of Jon's I wanted to listen to while making barbecue chicken.

( a recipe from Jody's kitchen)

BBQ Chicken

Boil boneless, skinless chicken breasts.

Shred, drain & add favorite BBQ sauce.

(Mine is KC Masterpiece) Serve w/chips

The July 4, 2021 episode, that I was about to choose not to listen to, was with former Harlem Globetrotter Derick Grant. My only reason was, once again, because he was a sports related person. Thank goodness I read the complete description first. Derick was speaking on 'Unlocking Your Full Potential'. Who doesn't want to unlock their full potential? So I listened and learned. After all, it's one of my passions to help others unlock their full potential, which is one of the reasons that I am a Certified Financial Coach. There is a lot of freedom in making decisions if you are debt free.

I should have realized that I was missing out earlier when I listened to Jon's January 30, 2021 interview with ESPN's Wright Thompson. The subject was 'Becoming a Master at Your Craft'.

The epiphany moment made me realize how similar sports and business are. Derick, in his interview with Jon, talks of mindset. It will either cause you to succeed or fail. This is true in whatever you do whether in sports, business, or your personal life.

How many other podcasts have I, in my ignorance, chosen not to listen to and have missed growing wiser because of it?

I owe you an apology Jon Gordon. I should have trusted you.

Jody Fayman


I had the privilege of sending this to Jon Gordon. Jon’s reply was “This is great. Thank you!!”

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