I Took a Brave Step Last Night

I took a brave step last night. Bravery can and does look different for everyone. Bravery can

be saying “Hi” to someone new, applying for a new job or just taking one step out the door.

My word for 2021 is Unstoppable. It takes bravery to be unstoppable. A number of books that I'm reading and have read lately deal with learning to be brave.

There are those who appear to be brave and no endeavor seems too scary for them. I say “appear” because we don't know what bravery was summoned to do that endeavor.

I am an introvert. It takes bravery for me to put myself out there. The encouraging thing for me is there are some really great leaders who are introverts. They battle fear everyday. They set an example that one can win over fear if one can be brave. Examples or not,

I am the one who has to choose whether to be brave or let fear win.

The brave step I took last night involves making a dream of mine come true. It took a strong realization that no one was going to come knocking at my door asking to make my dream a reality. It is amazing how many doors can open when we take that first step. Sometimes other doors will open while on the way to a door.

In my case, I had spotted someone I had contacted last week and they hadn't gotten back to me. I headed their way when God literally put someone else in my path. I waited until his conversation was over and bravely stated my request. He was kind, helpful and honest. He told me he had a lot going on and probably wouldn't be able to help me.

I told him I realized he might not be able to help but that he knows people that I don't. Ken Coleman writes of this in his book The Proximity Principle and Bob Beaudine in his book The Power of Who.

The desire to have my dream come true is stronger than my fear of rejection.

My belief in the quality of my dream helped me to be brave and state that what I had was good. I know he has heard that before when others have approached him with the same request. The conviction of my statement caused him to pause though and look at me with new eyes. He gave me his email address and asked me to send information to him.

The interesting thing is that he is in the process of making a dream of his come true. My dream might help him with that. In all honesty, I had to pause after writing that to find a tissue.

It will take bravery to hope that this step taken will bring my dream to fruition.

Hope takes bravery when there are so many lies to believe. Lies like, “My dream is not good enough” or “No one will support my dream.” I have to combat those lies with truth. My dream is good enough. There will be people who don't support my dream but there will be people who do. Those who support my dream will be more than I can imagine.

I took a brave step last night and in doing so am providing an example of what can happen when one does. I, also, proved to myself that I can be brave.

If you’d be interested in working on your bravery, please sign up for a Discovery Session. Leadership Harbor has helped me with my dream, perhaps we can help you work on yours as well.

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