I've see it coming....

I’ve seen it coming.

I’ve heard it in her voice.

A restless night on Monday ended with an emotional and hectic Tuesday morning…

… days like that just suck the life out of anyone.

Since the Covid pandemic swept across the globe I've known the true cost of it won't be found in the numbers of lives lost.

As tragic as just a single life lost unquestionably is…

… as horrific as some of the most acute symptoms of those infected have been…

… and as much as the news of a breakthrough vaccine is to be celebrated…

… make no mistake, history will prove by far the biggest, costliest and most dangerous toll this virus will take on our society will be found in our mental health.

Let’s face it … we don’t always understand and see ourselves as more than a body. Consequently, we are nowhere near equipped to deal and heal illness and disease in the mental aspect of our nature like we do with illness and disease in the body…

… the legacy of the psychological damage caused by Covid-19, and how we've dealt with it, will go far beyond the physical toll of the virus.

This will span decades. Perhaps even lifetimes.

And it could quite possibly spill over from one generation to the next.

I'm experiencing it first hand. It couldn't be any closer to home…

… and it couldn't cut deeper.

Approximately, 44 million American experience a serious mental-health condition in a given year - including 46% of teenagers, and 13% of children. Unfortunately, those numbers have been blown out of the water by the exponential increase in mental-health disorders amidst the pandemic of 2020. While all of the complicated causes of mental illness are not understood, we do know it affects people of all ages, races, religion, and income. Mental illness disrupts a person’s thinking, feeling, mood, ability to relate to others, and daily functioning. It is a physical illness of the brain which has been implicated in several chronic physical conditions, including heart disease, chronic respiratory disorders, and gastrointestinal conditions.

A Positive Mindset

While never a substitute for mental-health counseling or therapy, life coaching can supplement mental-health by helping people refocus and improve their mindset to a more positive-facing one.

To be very clear, we are not doctors or trained counselors or therapists, but we are really great at helping with people’s mindsets. We don’t focus on the negatives, but on the positives and the potential for moving forward. Of course, if someone is truly in need of therapy or counseling, we want them to get that. Not doing so is like not seeing a cardiologist when you have a heart problem. Your mental health is as important to your entire body as anything else!

People need people. We’ve gotten to a point where many people are feeling that deep desire to be around other people, and I think that will get harder over the holidays when everyone really wants to be with their loved ones. There is likely to be a lot of stress and anxiety over that.

If you realize you’re not thinking clearly, it can have a lot to do with your body’s chemistry. We know that positive influences can really make a difference. We can help you come up with good ideas for handling those times we don’t feel so great about yourself. When you’re in the middle of something it is holding you back from giving 100%, we can help you change your approach to better reinvigorate yourself. We want to help people feel empowered, develop confidence, and experience all the good that comes with that process.

I believe that awareness of mental-health issues and the need for treatment of them has improved, the question is whether the common person realizes that they might be having issues that they can’t just move on from. Getting help isn’t the part that might be most difficult. Realizing you need it might be even more challenging.

So, what do we do with this information as the holidays are quickly approaching and COVID numbers are spiking again?

We need to accept what we cannot control - remember who is in that circle of control with you? Nobody. Just you.

We must make the best of what we can control. So, make the phone calls to those you want to be with but can’t. I know you are Zoom weary. Yet Zoom has the tremendous potential to help you play board games together or just talk and see each other - maybe even gift openings! Build gingerbread houses together, apart. You can order kits and ship them to family & friends and idle away the time laughing and seeing - even though you can’t touch.

If you aren’t sure how to facilitate a game with family/friends scattered hither and yon, give Leadership Harbor a call. We have a family game specifically ready for you and yours - ages 8 to 108 can play and the number of links are only limited to 100! (Game minimum is $100 or $10 per screen/email link)

We also have a virtual game for business and team holiday parties. We have some fun ideas to help you make it a memorable experience!

Send us an email to grow@leadershipharbor.com to get more information or to book your family or team party.