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If I knew then what I know now!

Sometimes we just need someone to ask us the right question at the right time. We may not think we are ready or wanting to answer it, but deep down we know it’s what we need.

I didn’t realize I needed a Coach! Mentors, Advisors, Trusted Friends, Yes, Yes, and Yes, but a Coach - not so much. Having worked in ministry and non-profit work most all my life I wish about 15 years ago someone would have said “Coach, you need a coach.”

I’ve invested a lot of time and money in continuing education throughout my career, and I wouldn’t say any of it is a waste - however, the time over the last couple of years I’ve intentionally spent time with a coach far outweighs the rest. When I’ve been stuck, or struggling with my next step, a coach has been able to ask specific questions and walk me through what was already inside of me.

Now that I’m on both sides of the coin; as a Coach and someone who still benefits from having a coach, I want to share it with the world. As leaders, we all get “stuck”. We all get to the point where we want to take the next steps, but we don’t think we’re sure what the right next step is.

Questions, better yet, the right questions get our wheels turning, get us to unlock what is already inside of us. When someone asks me “who should have a coach?” or “why should I have a coach?” I’m ready with answers - everyone should have a coach (and a mentor, and probably a therapist too). Meeting with your coach consistently helps you stay consistent in your intentional growth. Often we think, well I’m not moving forward (growing), so I must be just sitting idle. My friend and yours, John Maxwell says “you won’t be able to move forward on the outside until you can move forward on the inside”. So, that regular meeting with your coach helps you keep moving forward and growing as a leader and individual. As for the “why” question, well do you want to be feeling stuck, or would you rather have someone there asking the right questions to move you forward?

So, if I knew then what I know now, I’d have gotten a coach 15 years earlier. I would have probably made less knee-jerk decisions and have been a better leader along the way. So, I know it now and now says get a coach.

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