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Leadership Values: Have Faith to Know that Anything Is Possible

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Anything is possible. That’s a pretty bold statement! In the movie A Knight’s Tale, Will, the peasant, is told by his father, ‘‘You can change the stars.” Anything is possible!

We dream when we are young, and our thoughts are unlimited. What changes? Why don’t we continue dreaming when we are older? Wiser? Because we have lidded or capped our potential. We’ve allowed ourselves to believe that we can only dream so big or so far.

Granted, some caps can’t be changed: birth caps, like the place, date, time, and genetic makeup; life caps, or the realities of injury or illness or our past. (Yes, we really did do or think that!) The past is the past and cannot be changed, no matter how much we would like it to. Those caps we cannot change. We can, however, learn to live with them. If you don’t believe me, I suggest you watch Nick Vujicic’s YouYube talks. Nick lives with “Anything is possible!”

Believe it or not, our age is not a cap to possibility. We are not limited by our season in life, so don’t even go there!

Others will try to put a lid on us, hold us back, but we can remove that cap. Hint: It will require change and action. That leads us to the most challenging lid of all—the one we place on ourselves.

You cannot be comfortable in your own skin without your own approval. —Mark Twain

At Leadership Harbor, we have a circle—actually it is a power transmission belt that was a sample from Brian’s work—but now it represents our circle of control. Picture yourself standing inside that small circle. You have ultimate control over everything inside of it! You have no control over anything outside of it. You may have influence over some of the things or people outside of it, but you do not have control. You can only control and change yourself. That alone should make anything possible again, right?

Having the faith to know we can change is believing in ourselves. It’s having confidence and the will to try. It is action. If you are a person of faith, there is a higher power that can help you gain more confidence and take action when everyone you know says not to. Faith is often gaining knowledge—never stop learning! It is also gaining experiences—whether in success or failure (which isn’t a bad thing if you are wanting to learn). Faith is jumping and growing your wings on the way down. Faith is persevering because you want it that bad.

This is both success and failure. For instance, Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. Common knowledge, right? Did you know that he also found 1,000 ways how not to invent the light bulb before one way worked? Both success and failure. Think about the progress that has been made since that first light bulb was invented. How many different versions of a light bulb have there been since Edison’s first one? I’ll be honest—I didn’t count. I did look up the history of the light bulb. There were many, many people who made contributions toward the light bulbs we have today. With faith, anything is possible.

So why would Leadership Harbor choose, ‘‘With faith, anything is possible” as a value? Because we know it’s true. Because we live it daily. We know that life is limited by time, as in we don’t know when we will leave our life on Earth. That makes it very important to live each day with intentionality. That means if we want it to be possible, we must take an action toward possible—stepping out in faith. We believe our potential is unlimited. What we do next is our choice. It is within our control. We want our children, and now our grandchildren, to know they can dream at any age and take the actions needed to make it happen. I won’t promise or even mention that whatever we want will be easy to achieve or get. As a matter of fact, it just plain won’t be easy. It will take faith to persevere. It will take time to accomplish. It may take giving something up that we like. Those are just challenges. Faith will help us get through the challenges and find the possible on the other side.

What is your possible? What is keeping you from taking the next step toward your dream?

Leadership Harbor coaches are experts at helping you live into ‘‘possible.” When you don’t know where the next step is or how to get there, we can be your thinking partners to help you get there. We believe in you. We have the faith you need to know that anything is possible!

Thanks for reading through to the end of this blog. Because of that, if you choose to accept it, we’ll meet with you for your first hour of coaching FREE. AND, because with faith all things are possible, just mention you read the blog, and we’ll give you 20 percent off your next investment in your leadership development (purchase must be with Leadership Harbor, of course).

Have an unlimited day of possible.

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