Letting Go of the Rope

Well folks, we’ve arrived at the sailing lesson that involves actual movement in the water. Up until now we have only sat in the boat, attached to the dock by a rope. Now, however, we have…gulp…let go of the rope, and we’re off, guided only by the wind.

(Let me stop here and say that I’m making this sound way more dramatic than it actually was. Coach Brian is actually a very good teacher and at no point did I actually find myself in any fear. Any drama you feel is only for the purpose of this blog…LOL)

How many of you have trouble letting go of anything? Whether it’s old clothes you don’t wear anymore, or a casserole in the freezer from 6 months ago…I definitely have attachment issues. When I had to send my daughter to college in Florida, it took me a while to recover. Scratch that–is still taking me time to recover. So…needless to say, that moment of letting go of the rope tied to the dock was a little stressful for me.

Can this be a stumbling point in our parenting journeys? Do we spend too much time hovering around our kids, that when it’s time to let go, we have too much anxiety? Should we create moments for them where we are allowed to let go of the rope for short moments, so the bigger moments are easier? What do we think this is like from our kid’s persp

ective…would they like more moments of sailing on their own? What do we need to do to get them there?

Our job as parents is to raise responsible, morally functioning, independent thinkers who will reach their potential in this world. We can do that by establishing values, cultivating curiosity and developing confidence. If you would like a thinking partner in your parenting journey, give us a call to set up a family coaching session!