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Make. A. List!

Whether we like it or not, or whether they like it or not, it is time BACK-2-SCHOOL!

I want to suggest an intentional activity for you and your family to do before the first bell rings. Find a time, dinner, a final weekend get-away, or game night to make a list. Everyone gets a list. Either on a sheet of paper or make a shared note on your devices.

On your list write down what you want to accomplish this year - individually and then as a family. Try not to make it all “school-based” like grades, etc - but things that will help you and everyone in your family take steps towards your personal goals.

Share with each other and make a game plan on how to check in with each other to have that accountability piece. I’m checking back in after the year starts to see how everyone is doing - so get intentional and start this year off with an amazing step forward.

Make It A Great Day,


P.S. one of the things on my list is to say no to things that don’t move me forward towards my goals and better serving you!

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