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Make Today Your Anniversary!

We celebrate them all the time. The anniversary of when we started a job. When we were born (although we call this anniversary a Birthday). Getting married, or maybe a dating anniversary. If you think about it, most major holidays are anniversaries as well. The big milestones in life get celebrated.

I think we need these times. Not only to celebrate an occasion but an opportunity to pause and reflect on the achievements in our journey. Don’t worry though, you’re not required to get a Hallmark card for every single anniversary. But just maybe we could make an argument for cake at every anniversary, thoughts?

I was thinking though, what if you, and I, and all the others reading this post today chose to make today, right now our Anniversary? That’s right, let’s just declare it, say it outloud - TODAY IS MY ANNIVERSARY!. Say it louder for those in the back….wait though I should tell you what type of anniversary before you go yelling around about it.

Today marks the anniversary of my wedding to my best friend and co-journeyer

through life. So, I can actually say “TODAY IS MY ANNIVERSARY” and not get too many strange looks. Yes, that’s right 16 Amazing years today…and we had the best wedding reception…I’ll fight you on it. And sadly, I didn’t even get a piece of my own cake - except that tiny little bite I got when we cut the cake.

Anyway, today is my anniversary, but it can be yours too!

What if a year from now, July 22nd, you looked back and celebrated the one year anniversary of _____________? I’m going to need you to fill in the blank there. I can’t tell you what you need to do today that will be worthy of celebrating a year from now?

Possibly it’s as simple as investing in yourself. You can do that by saying yes to you and picking up a book, a podcast or calling me. I'd love to help you as your Coach. Maybe it’s the move you’ve been contemplating for a few days too long - you know you need to act so here is the permission to do it. Starting or stopping something - especially if it moves you closer to a goal, your dream or unlocking your potential is definitely anniversary-worthy.

Sometimes the things we end up celebrating are the things that scare us right before we do them. To quote a Tik Tok creator “Do It Scared!” Know that you’ve got a friend out there reading this today too and we’re all going to go together. Imagine for a moment where we’re each going to be a year from now - after leaning into our lives. We will have changed the world. Fill in your blank, and let’s go…Happy Anniversary!

Make today a great day,


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