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Money and Earning Potential - Best at What Age?

When it comes to money and your earning potential, which do you fear most - old age or death? For me, my answer is old age. However, when I think about my answer to this

question, it also brings to mind a book, Decade by Decade by Bobb Biehl. In this book, he shares the typical financial earning power ranking by decade. Many of us may think that the best earning power is in our 40s - and that if we aren’t feeling wealthy, we must have missed something. The truth is that most people in their 40s and 50s are struggling. Truth be told - the super wealthy people made most of their money in their 60s, not in their 40s. The second major decade in which people make most of their money, again, not the 40s or 50s, is the 70s! Next…. is the 50s, followed by the 40s. Are you feeling better yet? Careful comparing yourself to others! Come to think of it, I am looking more forward to old age and earning my greatest money yet!

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