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My kid did something dumb, now what?

Kids do the darndest things right, sometimes we just have to look and shake our heads.

When kids make mistakes, and they will…it’s important to remember a few key points.

  • Circle of Control - you’ve likely heard me talk about this before, but pause and ask yourself - what can I control here - hint, your circle is your circle - you cannot control your child. You CAN influence them, and how you respond at this moment WILL in fact influence them. Stay in your circle, control what you can, and begin to model for them what they can control.

  • Fail Forward - I like to teach that if you’re not failing, you’re likely not trying. Failure is a great teacher for us and our kids - when we fail forward it means we’re learning from that mistake, we’re evaluating the experience, and taking a new lesson forward with us. Show your child how to evaluate when a failure happens.

  • Equip Them - what tools or resources can you help them put into play to “do better next time?” A Pediatrician I know said to me the other day, letting them “just be” in a tough situation with the lower stakes that come with being a kid is key to them gaining the confidence and resources they need to become successful humans.

When our kids make mistakes in childhood or adolescence it’s okay, the stakes are lower and the life lessons are huge. Remind them it’s okay to fail, they are still loved, supported, and encouraged. Share with them times you’ve messed up (both as a kid and a parent) and learn together - that’s what family life is all about.

Make It A Great Day, Chris

PS If I can help or add value to you or your youth please reach out or book a Complimentary Discovery Session today!

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