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No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service!

You’ve undoubtedly seen the signs as you enter restaurants and businesses, but can they be a reminder to us before we even leave the house?

If you’ve been around me for a few minutes you probably know I have a slight obsession - although my wife would strike ‘slight’ from that phrase - with Hey Dude shoes and UNTUCKit shirts. I see no problem with this, but recently I was thinking about them and how they relate to my leadership approach.

We have to learn to better lead ourselves, daily, before we can lead others. I’ve been known to tell my coaching clients; “If I’m not a better coach next time we meet you should fire me” (more on that next week). When it comes to how I start my day, and how you start yours it’s key that we put on the right shoes & shirts (metaphorically and literally) before we face the day.

How you speak to yourself as you brush your teeth (positive ‘I Am’ statements) and yes the shoes and shirts or other clothes we put on matter. Yes, I want you to please get dressed before heading out - but I also want you to dress yourself with intentionality. Maybe today that looks like taking an extra few moments to read or journal, or just pause and think about your game plan to step into an amazing day. I’ll be putting on a pair of my Dudes and likely an UNTUCKit all while intentionally preparing my mind to go lead today. I hope you’ll model the same for your family.

If I can help you or your youth locate the proper “shoes and shirts” for your journey let’s set up a Complimentary Discovery Session.

Make it a great day,


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