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One in Two Hundred-Seventy-Six Million

What are your chances of winning the lottery to fulfill your retirement dreams? Are you betting on being the one in two hundred-seventy-six million? When it comes to money,

which is likely to pay out better - the lottery ticket or investing. It’s fun to consider “What Could Be . . . (if I won the lottery)? However, my chances of winning are even less than one in two hundred-seventy-six million because I rarely buy lottery tickets. I know, my life is boring, but as Dave Ramsey often says, “I choose to live like no one else (saving and investing), so that later, I can live and give like no one else.”

If you are interested in getting your finances in order, and want some expert help from a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Workshop, Leadership Harbor is hosting one starting Tuesday, May 30, 2023 at 630pm; here’s the link to sign up:

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