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Our Anniversary Thanks to You!

Happy Birthday and Anniversary!

Why - when these become plural do you add an “s” to one, and change the “y” to “ies” for the other? One of life’s mysteries, eh?

How do you celebrate a birthday or an anniversary? Many don’t like to make a big deal. There are also some that claim they don’t want a big deal, when secretly, what they really want is for others’ to let them know that they are important and valued. Granted, not every day is cause for a big celebration, but every day is cause for letting others’ know that they are valuable to you. We look for the joy in the little things because often the little things build to create that moment of a particularly special celebration - Sometimes it’s the wedding anniversary, sometimes it’s the graduation celebration, and sometimes, it’s the other magic moments that we create.

We each are the stars of our own life story - and, at Leadership Harbor, we believe you should see yourself as the hero/heroine of your own story. Sadly, I don’t think many of us see ourselves this way. It is not that we are not the hero. It’s that we fail to be willing to recognize our story can be a special story of significance to someone else; and that we can make a difference in another’s life. Isn’t that what we ultimately want - to be seen as the difference maker in someone else’s life?

Leadership Harbor is celebrating our 4 year Anniversary in February 2021! You have been the reason that we are at this point and we want to thank you! You, who have been a part of our business growth and have believed in us, yet more importantly, you believe in yourselves! This is obvious because you’ve chosen to invest in yourselves through Leadership Harbor with both time and money. Your investment puts you in the top 10% of the world’s population - you are part of an elite group because only people who are growth-minded choose to invest in themselves and take control of their journey to become all you were meant to be. Most people think that whatever talents they have are ones that they are born with, and that will be enough. If that were true, then we would always be as good as we are ever going to be the first time we did something. But of course, I am preaching to the choir - we all know that we are never as good as we can be the first time we do it. Sure we can do it all on our own, but if we want to arrive faster and with greater success, we enlist the services of those that can help us.

As part of our four year anniversary, we have been offering specials on coaching. It’s our way of saying thanks to you, and to say that we believe in you as much as you believe in us! If you are looking for someone to be in your corner, someone that believes in you, let us know. You can become more empowered to achieve your potential with confidence and influence!

Thanks and many blessings for your successes in 2021!

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