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Personal Financial Leadership

Where do you look for financial advice? I am amazed at how many people get their financial

advice from their (non-financially educated) peers. Do you also go to them for medical advice? The best input we can get is from those that become further educated in their specific fields from which we also wish to grow. One of those areas is financial. For example, Dave Ramsey is widely recognized as a financial expert - not simply because he has done well financially, but because he has made a lot of money, lost a lot money (not knowing how to best keep it and protect it), and then because he made a lot of money the right way, and knows how to keep it. More than that, he teaches other people how to do it better as well. And in my case, I have made some errors as well - though, after making a million dollars, I did not lose it and declare bankruptcy and have to start over. Nevertheless, my mistakes, and my willingness to share them with others, allows for me to be authentic and add value to others in their search for financial freedom. I’d be privileged to be considered for your financial inner circle. Drop me a line.

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