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Power Up!

Updated: May 17, 2021

I grew up on old school Nintendo, the type where if the game wasn’t working you took it out and blew the dust out of it. IYKYK (Hey, If you know you know).

A favorite game for us was Super Mario Bros. You’d have a chance to go into Toad’s House and you could add some power-ups to your stash. Do you ever find yourself looking around for your stash of power-ups? There may not be a stash to pull from, but what are the ways we can power up in our journey?

When it comes to Leadership Development you know the power-ups we’d start with; maybe Coaching or a Mastermind, setting up a workshop for your team to increase productivity, unpacking your wiring to better communicate with your family or co-workers, and many more examples. All important and valuable. But how can we power-up for the next generation?

For over 20 years I’ve spent time adding value to youth and young adults in a variety of worlds. Like Mario & Luigi, some have felt like the underwater level, others the desert or nervously jumping through clouds hoping to land on something solid. In all my years I’ve been honored and privileged to meet some incredible people - movers and shakers, world changers, people who bring power-ups whenever they’re on the scene. Meeting and working with these folks is better than hitting the top of the flag pole outside the castle at the end of a world.

I’d been with Leadership Harbor just over a year when I met another one of these incredible people. At first, I was just impressed, someone so respectful and driven towards his goal. Then we sat down for a conversation, and then another and then another. Little did I know then the journey that was about to unfold.

Meeting this young man made two things apparent to me - I could invest in him, and I could provide him a platform to share part of his story to invest in others. As you read this he’s been featured on two Dock Time podcasts and now two Facebook Lives, Keynoted at our most recent Global Youth Initiative event and begun receiving Coaching for his own growth.

Understanding more of who he is and what he is called to do has opened a third door. Just weeks ago my friend & yours, Dax, joined the John Maxwell Team and I’m beyond excited to say that he has also joined the Leadership Harbor Team. Together Dax and I are committed to adding value to youth (and others) in this next chapter. This my friends is how we power-up for the next generation. If you don’t already know Dax, you will hear from and see more of him and his passion for living out his WHY in the coming months.

So, whether you’re ready for the next level, a power-up or you want to see the world changed through the hands of Youth, Young Adults & those who serve them jump in with us. The Leadership Harbor Team is excited about this power-up and cannot wait to see the potential unlocked in those we can add value to. Now, go make it a great day and keep an eye out for those power-ups!

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