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Put Your (My) Dream to the Test - Questions 3 & 4

I’m continuing to write about my journey in regards to John Maxwell’s Book - Put Your Dream to the Test. My hope (remember though…., “Hope is not a strategy.” ) is that my process will be a help to you in your process to develop and fulfill your dream.

In Put Your Dream to the Test, Dr. John C. Maxwell asks a series of questions. We have already covered Questions 1&2:

Reminder of My (Brian's) Dream: Be a Coach, a “Thinking Partner” to help others achieve everything they were designed to achieve; and be all you meant to become.

(If you missed that, here’s the link. Replace with link)

Today, I’ll reflect on Question 3: The Reality Question:

Am I Depending on Factors within My Control to Achieve My Dream?

AND Question 4:

The Passion Question: Does My Dream Compel me to Follow it?

As I approach these questions, I see some relationship and overlap in my answers; therefore, I am going to answer them together.

At Leadership Harbor, one of our “tools” is a small rubber V-belt, one that can be used for a small industrial application, like a lawn mower. I put the belt on the ground and step inside the circle. I called this my Circle of Control. I have learned that I may only control that which is within my Circle of Control. In Reality, since that is the question, I only control me - and some days, that is a challenging task. Outside of that circle, I may have influence, but I do not have control.

So what do I actually control? Control means those items that require my ownership and responsibility. I must own and be responsible for all of my actions, reactions, responses, and emotions - including any outbursts - whether they be joy, sorrow, or anger. I must own them all.

Additionally, I must control my priorities, and my schedule to insure I address the right priority first, rather than let smaller, and easier tasks, let alone miscellaneous items get my attention just because they are easier, or even more enjoyable.

That brings us to Question 4. If have a true Passion for my dream, there should be no question of focusing on moving it forward with the right priority, attention, drive, energy and passion! As I go to bed the night before, I pick out my 3 MVPs (Most Valuable Priorities). This is a lesson I recently relearned from another mentor, Darren Hardy. I have been to 3 of his workshops - once in San Diego, CA, and another time in Dallas, TX. By getting up with 3 MVPs listed on my Captain’s Log, I have a focus prepared to move me and Leadership Harbor forward.

If Leadership Harbor can help you in any way related to the actions (Captain’s Log, MVP & priority setting, or just helping you uncover your dream) to propel you forward in your endeavors of business, personal, or life in general, drop us a line at

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