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Shifting Gears

One morning you wake up and decide; “Today is the day.”

You’ve thought about it for long enough. In your imagination it has played over and over how this will look, when you finally take the first next step. Deep down you desire this next move. You look yourself in the mirror and say “Today!”

We must first learn to lead ourselves before we can lead others. This makes us all leaders...even if you’re not yet leading others, you are leading yourself. That leading may be happening unintentionally, but you’re still making decisions every day that lead you to your next step. Are you where you want to be? I know I’m not, but I’m on a journey, I’ve made and continue to make shifts, some big, some so small you may not even notice...but the shifts are there.

The first part of this year has been a focus on Intentionality, this next quarter will be on shifting - Leadershifting to be specific. It is time to move from goal-oriented to growth-oriented. To get a step or two closer to where I, where each of us wants to be. Our journeys will be different but what we have in common is each day we need to say “today” and take that next step.

What is it for you today? What shift do you need to make? As my friend and mentor Paul Martinelli says; “Jump and build your wings on the way down.” I can’t wait for you to make this shift in your life. Get up, look in the mirror and say “Today I shift!” Then do me a favor and tell someone - accountability is key to your shift success. See you on the journey, here we grow!

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