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Leaders are...Thankful!

You may have heard me say in the recent past “Leadership Begins In The Bathroom!” That may sound odd at first but when you think about the first place many of us go or spend time in at the beginning of our day - it’s the Bathroom!

Now, to be specific I start this thought with brushing your teeth - meaning, I hope, you’re spending about 2 minutes each morning brushing those teeth. While you do, it’s likely you’re having a conversation - in your head obviously, cuz if you’ve ever tried having a conversation with a mouth full of toothpaste and a brush, well it usually ends up a bit messy.

Leaders begin by brushing their teeth!
Leadership begins here!

But, back to the conversation. I believe we’ve all got an inner dialogue and it can get away from us if we’re not intentional. So, what I’ve told many of my clients when I say leadership begins in the bathroom is that we have to learn to lead ourselves better (first) before leading others. Leaders have a good dialogue and healthy teeth!

The best way I can think to do that while brushing your teeth is to come up with a way to shift your internal dialogue from what might lean negatively to a positive outlook. We do that by coming up with some positive “I Am…” statements. This is where you have to fill in the blank.

More on all of that later, in fact, if you need to unpack this further why don’t you go ahead and schedule a Complimentary Discovery Session with me? I’m currently hoping to connect with 23 of you before the year is up to help you create your own personal growth plan - especially as we head into 2024.

Anyway the fill in the blank - I Am… - today I just want to pause and let you know that I Am Thankful, for you! If you’ve taken the time to read this far, attend an event or training this year, are one of my clients, or have trusted me to serve your youth - I’m thankful for you.

In a season when things can often get hectic, to-do lists get too long, and we seem to get stressed - just remember I’m Thankful for you. Then, when you brush your teeth next, give it a try - look yourself in the mirror and say “I Am…Thankful!” Bonus points if you can build from that and work to a list of 5-10 positive “I Am…” statements.

Make it a Great Day,


P.S. Did you know we have some new stickers around LH? One is a great reminder for “I Am…” and the other clearly says where Leadership begins! Check them out:

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